ArcheryDesign is a privately held software development company which conducts research and development in the areas of visualization and interaction.

Following posts are excerpts from
customer projects and fun experiments.
\\Tomas Sareklint

Unmanned Surface Vehicles

During 2008 to 2010, ArcheryDesign has provided it’s services at Kockums AB in their USV (unmaned surface vehicle) project – Piraya. Our main contribution was research and development of operator interfaces with emphaizse on control and coordination of multiple USV’s per operator. Other areas of involvment included e.g. agent-, autopilot-, and visualization development.

Kockums AB builds and mainains naval surface vessels such as the Visby stealth corvette. Read more about the Piraya and unmaned naval systems at

Video by Kockums AB

Video by Kockums AB


Like everybody else – we’r thrilled about the cheap Kinect sensor. The web is currently overflowing with examples of Kinects hacks; from bi-ped robot control to performing SLAM.
We will publish some of our experiments with the sensor further on.

Having fun with the FAAST framework.

Airplane Gauges

Short video showing a test of gauges for displaying UAV live telemetry.
AHRS hardware used is the 9 DOF chip from Sparkfun.

evBoxster startup

Finally the evBoxster project is kicking off. Computer hardware orderd and basic interfaces scenario drawn up.
We’r providing hardware and software for an all LiPo equipped Porsche Boxster which is being built over at AutoMek.


Natural User Interfaces (NUI)

In this video, we show some parts of our NUI demonstration and presentation software on a multitouch enabled table.
Our table provides a 32″ screen at 1920 x 1080 pixels and combined with NUI support software we support e.g. operators in collaboration and C² tasks.